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The basis of any equestrian sport is the horse's proper dressage training.
We are open to discoveries of modern science on horse behaviour and the way they perceive the world, as well as classical schools with a long tradition, not only European.

We organise Riding Master Workshops where lessons are given by trainers representing various horsemanship trends. We want the best of the best in our facility, trainers with international achievements and of world renown, such as the Dutchman Rob Ehrens who won as the trainer of the Dutch national squad the individual and team gold medals at the 2014 World Championships and a team silver medal at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Our instructors are trained according to a special standard by Dr Krzysztof Skorupski, an outstanding trainer, practitioner, scientist, author of a unique book "Psychology of horse training".

Our goal is professional recreation as the basis for equestrian sports.

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