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Waregem is in the south west of the province of West Flanders, on the border with East Flanders. It has 38,000 inhabitants.

Horses are everywhere in Waregem. Discover the city on horseback and enjoy its extensive equestrian history. 
Equestrian sports have a special place in Waregem. It is no coincidence that the Sport.Vlaanderen centre and Gaverbeek Hippodrome are literally and figuratively central to equestrian events. There are also many associations that organise equestrian events on a regular basis, with the Waregem Races as the highlight.

However Waregem aims to look beyond the borders of Belgium. It thinks and acts internationally as well. Since 2010, the Waregem Races have been part of the international Crystal Cup competition. This has created a European bond between ambitious cities where horses take pride of place.

In cultural, recreational and sporting terms, Waregem sets an example to the surrounding communities. The ‘Golden River’, the Lys, played an important role in the region in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It was vital to the flax and textile industries. Besides its flourishing textiles sector, the Waregem Races also contributed to its growth from a village into a city. When Waregem merged with nearby communities on 1 April 1977, Beveren-Leie, Desselgem and Sint-Eloois-Vijve became part of the main municipality of Waregem. It gained official city status on 1 January 2000.

The city has the efforts of many people to thank for its regional appeal. Its favourable location on the E17 motorway on the axis between Kortrijk and Antwerp is certainly also an advantage that should not be underestimated. The intercity railway station in the heart of the city means faster train connections, and the river Lys also offers interesting transport possibilities for 1,350 tonne ships.

Our region is famous for its entrepreneurial spirit. Waregem promotes entrepreneurship. The engagement of companies and their employees generates a large amount of employment in the local area. High-tech firms, craft businesses and family farms all find a place here.


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