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Rynek of Wrocław has 3.8ha of surface and belongs to the biggest market places in Poland (the bigger ones are in Kraków and Olecko). However, the Late Gothic Town Hall with its 66m tower is the biggest building of this kind in Poland. 


  • Rynek is 213m long and 178m wide
  • Rynek is surrounded by 60 tenement houses, including: Golden Sun, Griffins, Seven Electors, Blue Sun houses and Barasch shopping centre (today’s Feniks)
  • Rynek is surrounded by 11 streets
  • it had 200 thousand people during the New Year’s Eve in 2013

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Surrounded by the river Oder, the old burgh, the origin of the city, has fantastic architecture. The greatest ones are the Gothic St. John Baptist cathedral, rebuilt after World War II and Holy Cross church. There is the Archdiocese Museum there, the oldest historically continuous museum in Wrocław - for over 100 years it has gathered sacral art which was excluded from cult use and has great historical and artistic value. Among the exhibits one can find Henrykowska Book from 13th-14th century, which contains the first sentence written in Polish.

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The Centennial Hall is recognised as one of the greatest architectonic achievements of the 20th century. It was designed to serve the citizens of Wroclaw and the guests visiting the capital of Lower Silesia. The monumental building was opened in 1913 on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig won by the anti-French coalition against Napoleon Bonaparte.

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The painting presents the Battle of Raclawice in April 1794 in which Poles won over Russians. The monumental picture is 114m long and 15m high.
It was the idea of Jan Styka, a painter from Lvov, who invited Wojciech Kossak, Tadeusz Popiel, Teodor Axentowicz, Włodzimierz Tetmajer, among others, to work on the painting.

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Wroclaw Afrykarium is the only theme oceanarium devoted solely to the African fauna. On average, 2.5 thousand people visit it on the weekdays. The idea of Wroclaw Africarium is to present the selected ecosystems of Africa. It was built to the newest technologies never used in Poland before.

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The Hydropolis, centre of knowledge about water was opened in December 2015. The new attraction of Wroclaw is located in the old building at Na Grobli St. It is an old clean water tank built in 1893. The attraction is for everyone regardless of age. Modern multimedia ideas were applied during the construction. The whole exhibition has over four thousand square metres. 

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260 square metres of railway model, 430m of rails, 15 locomotives, 60 railway carriages, 162 buildings including authentic buildings from Wroclaw and Lower Silesia, 1600 figurines of people and animals, bridges, tunnels and water basins.

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Five viewpoints to look over the city.