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Today there are many equestrian styles practiced, among the most important we can count, horse racing, classic dressage competitions and vaquera (Andalusian country  style)  dressage, jumping competitions, speed competitions, full course, carriage driving, “acoso y derribo” (pursuit and knockdown of bulls),  vaulting, pony riding, “polo”, changing competitions...

ACOSO Y DERRIBO (Pursuit and knockdown of bulls)

Its tradition as a show of how to manage a bull in the open countryside to select the best examples. Jerez was the first place where this competition began.

It is an equestrian competition where the participants form a team (a pair made up of a “garrochista” and an “amparador”).  It consists of capturing and taking down a young calf with a lance or “garrocha” (stick with a brand at one end) in a restricted area a certain number of times with a limited time.


It is an equestrian discipline with the aim of ensuring that the horse is in a state of calm and domination which permits it to be used in a range of situations in the countryside.

It has its roots in the need of cowboys to keep a herd of livestock together.  The horses with their step, give the tranquility necessary to separate the beasts, given for the need of a good distribution of livestock, very necessary in the corrals, to be able to brand the livestock.


Classic dressage consists in improving the physical and the natural airs of the horse to make their movements more beautiful and harmonious. It looks for total equilibrum between horse and rider, showing a complete understanding between them.

RAID (Endurance)

The test of raid is a test against the clock and long distances which puts to the test speed, resistance and ability of the horse and the skill of the rider who should be able to show his ability to control his horse and take it to the necessary rhythm for the test.

With this discipline, the health of the horse is subject to obligatory veterinary controls (vet-gate) which evaluate the general health and condition of the horse.

Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art / Fundación Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre: www.realescuela.org
2002 Equestrian Center / Centro Ecuestre 2002: http://centroecuestre2002.es
El Juncal Equestrian Center / CIEH  El Juncal: https://es-es.facebook.com/centro.ecuestreeljuncal
Chapín Riding School / Escuela Hípica Chapín: www.hipicachapin.com
Los Llanos de Vico Training Center y Alpende Stud Farm / Centro de Formación Los Llanos de Vico y Ganadería Alpende: http://www.ganaderiaalpende.es
Polo del Sol Club / Club Polo del Sol: www.clubpolodelsol.com
Club Nazaret: http://www.clubnazaret.org/p/hipica

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