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Nestling in the southwest of Andalusia, in the northwest-of the province of Cadiz, Jerez enjoys a truly privileged geographical location: lying in a fertile area formed by the plain of the Guadalquivir, on the banks of the river Guadalete and just a short drive from both the Atlantic beaches and the Gaditana mountain range. A marvellous geographical situation, midway between the mountainside and the coast with over 3,200 hours of sunshine, graces the town with mild temperatures all year round. As a result of the gentleness of the climate, with average temperatures of 11º C in winter and 25º C in summer, softened by both its proximity to the sea and its very geographical latitude, winters are mild and summers are pleasant.

Jerez is strategically located with excellent transport connections, not just within Andalusia, but also with the rest of Spain and Europe. The recently built international airport has the most modern facilities and provides easy connections with major national and international destinations; the recently restored railway station provides rail links to major cities and provincial capitals. Finally, a complete network of major roads and motorways facilitates quick, comfortable access and transport facilities to nearby towns as well as other Spanish capitals.

Jerez has world-renowned attractions that make our city one of the most complete and appealing destinations in Andalucia; the horses, wine, brandy and Flamenco are typical of Andalucia and Spain, and are differentiating features that fully define and give identity to our city.

 Jerez offers numerous possibilities: the incredible equestrian shows at the Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre (the Royal  Andalusian School of Equestrian Art) and the Yeguada Hierro del Bocado (the Hierro del Bocado Stud Farm); a visit to the incomparable Jerez wineries, “cathedrals” in which wine and brandy are born, nurtured and aged in silence; the daily pleasure of enjoying the purest Flamenco, its Old Centre, declared a Conjunto Monumental Histórico-Artístico (official Complex of Historical-Artistic Monuments), in which churches, old public edifices and unique buildings can be discovered amongst orange trees and fountains throughout the squares, streets and nooks and crannies; also numerous are the museums and heritage centres that feature fighting bulls, horses, Flamenco or wine, together with others of great interest in which our tradition and heritage are captured.

 Other greatly renowned attractions include the world-famous Circuito de Velocidad (speed track), where numerous competitions in the world of motor racing take place throughout the year, the Zoo botánico de Jerez (Jerez Botanical Zoo) where children and adults can enjoy an exceptional space and one of the most complete zoological collections in Spain, and also the numerous country estates, ravines and natural enclaves, in which to enjoy active tourism and nature.

 Finally, Jerez's privileged geographical location, between mountains and sea, makes it possible to use the city as a base for making various excursions and visits to different localities of the province by way of a number of established rutas (routes): Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos (the White Village Route), Ruta del Toro (the Bull Route), Ruta Atlántica (the Atlantic Route), etc.


    An extraordinary geographical location, sitting between the hillside and the coast, means that Jerez enjoys the very best of fresh local produce, to wich the world famous Sherry, Brandy and Vinegar of Jerez may be added and used as ingredients in numerous recipes, thus allowing Jerez to provide a surprisingly varied cuisine of the highest quality. Shellfish and fish from the bay, meat and game, salads and traditional stews, each different dish and tapa acquires its maximum expression enchanced with Fino sherry, Amontillado, Oloroso or Pedro Ximenez, Brandy or an exceptional Vinegar of Jerez.

    The restaurants to be found in Jerez, highly appreciated after having developed in quality, offer cuisine of the highest level which is deeply rooted in traditional products and culinary procedures, guaranteed by professional chefs of long standing experience.

    Jerez's exceptional geographical location, its close proximity to the Atlantic, the local chalky soil, the palomino grape, and the careful ageing of the grape must all combine to give the world the pleasure of this unique product known the world over as sherry, which is often lovingly aged in wine cellars often linked to cathedrals due to their spacious silence.

    Jerez de la Frontera is the largest city in the area and capital of the wine region to which it lends its name. Located upon one of many hills which dominate a wide open landscape of albariza soil, mid-way between the nearby mountains of the sierra and the shining white towns and villages of the coast, Jerez is forceful and dynamic, a place where sherry wines share the stage with other age-old symbols of the city, such as flamenco and horses.

    Discovering the essence of a region by learning about its wines is an experience which gratifies all five of our senses. Enoturism goes further than just getting to know places, their monuments and people: it also involves immersing ourselves in a world of sensations, aromas and tastes which help us to discover the culture, tradition and customs of a wine-growing region. Visit the famous cathedral-like structures of the bodegas, learn firsthand about the characteristic sherry production process, spend the night in a country house surrounded by vineyards, learn the subtle art of tasting and discover the perfect gastronomic combination for each type of wine.

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