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European Horse Day

The European Day of Horses has been celebrated by the EURO EQUUS cities since 2015. A year earlier, the festival was registered by the European Commission. It always falls on the second September weekend and is celebrated by each of the member cities of the association. They usually use it to introduce other cities engaged in the EURO EQUUS association.

The European Horse Day is not just a promotional activity of the association. Its main mission is to commemorate the historical and cultural heritage of horse breeding and promote the preservation of traditions, which some of the member cities have been taking pride in for centuries. In the celebration programme you will find demonstrations of horse dressage, horse racing and other equestrian disciplines, thematic contests and workshops for horse fans, the general public and others. The celebrations often let take a look in other member cities, for instance taste local specialties, get to know local customs, culture and so on.



Horse day events in Golegã

Jerez de la Frontera

Horse day events in Jerez


Horse day events in Pardubice


Horse day events in Waregem


Horse day events in Wrocław

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