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Golegã, a quiet village in Portugal’s heart, with its old tradition in rest stopping for riders and horses, of farms, where agriculture and raising horses develop an important role, has more to show us. It is here, in the special junction between the lowland and Tejo’s river, that pilgrims arrive, in a Saint Martin’s devotion, in the middle of May, coming back in November; it is here, land of known bullfighters, as Manuel dos Santos and others, that  impassioned people come  recognizing their’s merit, thrilled by September’s festival; it is here, where sportsmen, with international reputation, come to June events; it is here, where all over the year, you can see and visit a world’s unique nineteenth century photographic studio, created by Carlos Relvas, making real his own artistry; it is here, where Martins Correia has born, that you can find his peaces of art as in a mother’s lap, exhibited in the galleria or in the streets; it is nearby, in Almonda’s side that has born José Saramago, literature nobel prize, that the singularity of Azinhaga’s  people make a statement; it is nearby that a special floodplain limits  Boquilobo’s Marsh biosphere reserve; it is here that Ribatejo’s heart featuring people welcome outsiders as none. “Find us and come live as we live!”

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